IPL – Intense Pulse Light – hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments

IPL - Intense Pulse LightIPL offers a safe, non-invasive and permanent solution to unwanted hair and skin rejuvenation. Customised to each client and skin type, IPL can be used for hair removal from under arms, legs, bikini line, face, arms and, for the men, chest and back. Also for the treatment of sun damaged skin, freckles, age spots, Rosacea, and uneven skin tones and pigmentation.

Permanent removal of unwanted hair / skin rejuvenation

Nilam has eight years experience and expertise in IPL and knows the importance of tailoring each treatment to a client’s specific need and skin type. That’s why, every visit for an IPL hair removal treatment or skin rejuvenation treatment at Skin n Tonic begins with full consultation and review of hair removal treatments or skin treatments so far to ensure the treatment you receive is the very best.

Using the latest IPL technology

At Skin n Tonic we have invested in the latest superior quality IPL technology. The Elos™ e-style is the safest, most affordable and effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair. The Elos™ e-style is unique in that it uses radio frequency and light therapy to deliver optimum skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

Please remember, when comparing prices for IPL Hair Removal, prices may vary depending on the quality of the machine that is used. Lower quality machines may be cheaper in price but will usually require more treatments meaning you pay more overall.

How the Elos™ machine works

The melanin (colour) in your hair absorbs the light output from the Elos™ e-style. This, in turn heats up the hair follicle which prohibits the action of hair germination cells meaning the hair cannot grow back.

Most clients require around four or six treatments about four weeks apart. The result is permanent hair reduction which will then require only occasional maintenance treatment.

Intense Pulse Light price list

Please note: all areas are treated. This price list gives examples only.

Please contact the team at Skin n Tonic to arrange a full consultation

Special offer: Prepay for five IPL treatments and the sixth one is free.

Consultation$50.00 – trial patch
Standard bikini$129.00
Extended bikini$199.00
Upper lip or chin$79.00 – $120.00
Upper leg$420.00
Full leg$680.00
Full face$210.00
Half-face (sides, top lip, chin and neck)$160.00

IPL hair removal for men

Full back$449.00 – $599.00
Half back$249.00 – $349.00
Half chest$249.00

All prices are subject to confirmation at your consultation. Prices may vary depending on the size of the treated area.

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